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Information about the dogpile.core project.

Project Homepage

dogpile.core is hosted on Bitbucket - the lead project page is at Source code is tracked here using Git.

Changed in version 0.4.2: Moved source repository to git.

Releases and project status are available on Pypi at

The most recent published version of this documentation should be at


Install released versions of dogpile.core from the Python package index with pip or a similar tool:

pip install dogpile.core

Installation via source distribution is via the script:

python install


dogpile.core is developed by Mike Bayer, and is loosely associated with the Pylons Project. As usage of dogpile.core and dogpile.cache increases, it is anticipated that the Pylons mailing list and IRC channel will become the primary channels for support.


Bugs and feature enhancements to dogpile.core should be reported on the Bitbucket issue tracker. If you’re not sure that a particular issue is specific to either dogpile.cache or dogpile.core, posting to the dogpile.cache issue tracker is likely the better place to post first, but it’s not critical either way.